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Grass paper packaging

sustainable and environmentally friendly

The environmental awareness of people has become progressively stronger over the recent years, and so raises the demand for environmentally friendly packaging solutions. Packaging made of grass paper and grass cardboard are very much in vogue as they are 100% biodegradable.

By adding 40% grass fibres to pulp or ground wood, significantly less energy is used in the production process compared to the production of conventional packaging material made of pure cellulose pulp. In addition, the production of grass paper and grass carton saves a lot of water. Doing largely without chemistry is a further help to protect the environment. The grass for the production comes only from compensation areas close to the paper production plants. Thus, no forage is diverted and long transport routes do not apply. The use of grass fibre in paper and cardboard production lowers the CO2 emissions by up to 75% thus improving the environmental performance evaluation.

100 %


by up to 75%

Reduction of CO2 emissions


Water saving

Grass paper

The advantage of grass-based pulp for the environment

The harvest of the raw material, transport and production of grass paper is significantly more environmentally friendly than the use of wood or waste paper.

Source: International Centre for Sustainable Development (IZNE)

Acid impact

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Energy consumption

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Greenhouse effect

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Water consumption

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Grass paper is not equal to grass paper

The secret of high quality packaging is the quality of the raw material. In order to offer our customers high-quality packaging solutions made of grass paper and grass cardboard, we source our material from producers that guarantee an odour-free product that does not cause any undesirable allergenic or dermatological effects. Therefore why we rely on the sustainable grass paper production of our partner Creapaper

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