ECOseal: Sustainable topseal sealing on cardboard trays for berries

Small berries like blueberries or raspberries are often packed in sealable plastic trays. However, customers are increasingly seeking alternative and sustainable solutions.

Therefore, we have created the ECOseal solution. A tray made of recyclable cardboard sealed by a transparent film. (Fullprinted)
As an alternative, we also offer a sustainable tray solution that replaces the previous plastic trays 1:1 (Thermoformed). The sealing process remains the same.
This protects delicate fruits or small vegetables such as cocktail tomatoes from damage during transport and storage, and presents them in a more valuable and natural way on the shelves.


The benefits at a glance:

  • Individual sizes (Fullprinted)
  • Design can be fully personalised (Fullprinted)
  • Tray made of solid or corrugated cardboard (Thermoformed)
  • Film available in compostable material
  • Perforation of tray and film as required
  • Protection against transport and storage damage

Function ECOseal

The ECOseal packaging solution of berries and other small fruits is available for all formats for the common packaging units of 125, 250, 400 or 500 grams. These are available in white or brown according to customer requirements. The surface of the trays can be printed entirely or individually.
With thermoformed trays, the cardboard is pressed into the desired tray format using pressure and temperature. Although these trays cannot be fully personalised, the packaging machine does not need to be converted.
A conveyor belt feeds the filled trays to the sealing unit. The special film is applied to the top of the tray, sealed onto the tray with a sealing tool and then automatically cut to size. Of course, we can also supply you with the appropriate machine for sealing the trays.

ECOseal trays

The perfect machine: Packaging Automation Ltd

The sealing machine supplied by our partner Gruppo Fabbri is ideal for sealing all types of fresh food. It impresses with:

  • ultra-compact design
  • easy format change
  • high productivity and user-friendliness

More about the PA sealing machine >>

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