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Increase the freshness of your food range

With our Top-Seal packaging solutions for fruit, vegetables, meat and more

There is an ideal solution for packaging sensitive foods such as berries, tomatoes, grapes, meat or fish: sealing trays with a transparent film. It guarantees efficient and fast packaging and ensures intact delivery and storage.

We supply an extensive selection of materials and formats for various top seal solutions and a flexible machine solution to go with them.

The advantages of top seal packaging for fresh food

  • FAST - efficient and fast packaging
  • SAFE - stackable for safe transport
  • AFFORDABLE - low material consumption thanks to optimised sealing
  • VERSATILE - versatile application, also for vacuum sealing
  • VISIBLE - Visible products for the customer
  • DURABLE - Long shelf life for maximum freshness

Sustainable materials for the future

Sustainable packaging is desired by more and more consumers and is already a requirement for some retail chains. We have a wide range of tray solutions made from plastic and cardboard:

Sustainable plastic trays made from RPET

Our products are made from recycled polyethylene terephthalate (RPET), a fully recyclable material. This supports the sustainable use of resources through a closed material cycle. In addition, our production is certified by a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), which minimises the environmental impact of our processes.

We offer a wide range of models and customisation options to meet the specific needs of our customers and promote product longevity.


This ECOseal tray made of recyclable cardboard is available in various formats for standard packaging units. It is sealed with a transparent film. The advantage: this high-quality cardboard tray can be fully and individually printed, and your brand is optimally transported.

Imballaggio innovativo in cartone con tecnologia SlimFit

Our latest perimetral cardboard tray is made of paper fibres that can be customised according to customer requirements. This offers a flexible solution for specific requirements in terms of material composition and environmental aspects.

The introduction of our new gluing technology with the special "SlimFit" flute significantly improves the stability and sealability of the cardboard trays. This technology ensures a more robust structure and optimised protective functions for the packaged products. These newly developed trays can be sealed together with the plastic trays using the same sealing machine and the same sealing tool.

In addition, the fully printable outer surface of the cartons enables maximum visual customisation. Customers can use the surface to effectively communicate their brand message and emphasise their products on the shelf.

Thermoformed tray

As an additional alternative, we offer a second sustainable tray solution that replaces the previous plastic trays 1:1. The cardboard is pressed into the desired tray shape using pressure and temperature. Although these trays cannot be fully personalised, they are available in solid or corrugated cardboard. The advantage: the sealing mould of the plastic tray can also be reused for this tray.

function topseal

A conveyor belt feeds the filled trays to the sealing unit. The special film is applied to the top of the tray, sealed onto the tray with a sealing tool and then automatically cut to size. Of course, we can supply you with the entire range of trays as required, the sealing film for cardboard or PET and also the appropriate machine for sealing the trays.

The perfect machine solution for sealing

We are an official partner of PA - Packaging Automation from Great Britain. The packaging machines from PA impress with the best performance and an optimum cost-benefit ratio. They seal standard trays made of plastic and polystyrene as well as sustainable trays made of solid or corrugated cardboard with all common film types - including biodegradable films.


Save operating costs and reduce CO2 emissions

Thanks to the new, modular sealing system, the machine can save up to 90 % of operating costs. As PA machines do not require compressed air, they also reduce your CO2 emissions.

Optimise your packaging strategy today! Find out how our Top-Seal solution protects your crop and strengthens your brand. How you can save costs and work more efficiently.

Frutmac offers you the packaging materials, the machines and also the service - all from a single source!

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