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Frutmac is a Europe-wide leading company for personalized packaging solutions in the fresh food area.
Thanks to the development, planning and implementation of complete packaging lines as well as a virtually unlimited range of packaging materials, Frutmac managed to position itself as general and global supplier for food packaging. 50 years of experience, continuous development of machines and materials as well as a Europe-wide customer service make Frutmac an expert in this field.

That was Fruit Attraction 2021

Many thanks to all visitors and our trade fair team for great and successful days at Madrid!

That was MACFRUT 2021

Many thanks to all visitors and our trade fair team for four great and successful days!

The new SmartDispenser

Automatic tray dispenser for trays with “flaps”

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Eco Zipper

Blitz tray with ECO-ZIPPER closing

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Blitz tray with lid blitz+

Suitable for different fruits/sizes
Sustainable solution

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The new lid application machine 
covers automatically the conventional cardboard
or grass paper trays with the Blitz-lid.

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Innovative machine for 
packaging of round fruits
in 100% cardboard / grass paper foodtainer.

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For the automatic erection of plastic crates.
Today, in only 5 minutes, the machines is convertible
from the conventional 60x40 cm format to 30x40 cm Euro pool format!

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Grass paper

These cardboard trays are made for 40% of grass.
The production process needs less water and energy
and does largely without chemical products.

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Paper alveoles

The new way for natural product placement.
They are fully printable and thus an ideal advertising medium.


packaging items in our range

up to 75

packing units per minute with our machines

280.000 km

covered by our service team in 2018

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