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Solution 1: fully automated packing with Blitz+ lids

The automatic tray packing machine Blitzmatic+, glues the new Blitz+ lid automatically to any existing cardboard or grass paper tray. The new lids are designed to guarantee both the maximum visibility of the product and to provide firm position of the products.

Due to the unique mechanism, fruits, even with different sizes, are fixed gently and without friction.


  • Sturdy corrugated F-shape cardboard for protection against damage
  • Trays and lids made of biodegradable corrugated cardboard or grass paper
  • Trays and lids with 100% customizable design
  • Tray-lid system for 4, 6 or 8 fruits
  • High visibility of the product
  • Labelling on the top and bottom
  • Lid is gently but tightly fixed from above, the products are held firmly in position
  • Firm position of the products even with different sizes (+/- 20 mm)


supervised machines worldwide

up to 80

implemented assembly projects per year

more than 280.000 km

covered for services throughout Europe

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