The right tray dispenser for every packaging solution

Wherever something has to be packed, supply of the packaging material must also be guaranteed. Whether as an ideal addition to existing packaging lines or as an optimal extension of Frutmac packaging machines. The dispensers can be placed in front of a wide range of machines and lines and ensure reliable replenishment of trays in various designs and materials.

Every model of our dispenser machines has its particular strengths and allows the optimal choice for increasing and/or optimising your packaging chain.

SmartDispenser – the allrounder

Er kann mit verschiedenen Schalentypen und Schalenformaten bestückt werden und setzt diese automatisch auf das Schalenband. Der Wechsel zwischen unterschiedlichen Formaten geschieht dabei in kürzester Zeit und vollautomatisch
If you use several different tray formats for your products and even different tray types, i.e. standard trays or trays with flaps, then the SmartDispenser is the right choice.
Different tray types and tray formats can be loaded that then are automatically placed on the tray conveyor. The changeover between different formats is done in short time and is fully automatic.

The SmartDispenser is the flexible automatic tray dispenser for trays with and without flaps.


Download sheet SmartDispenser


Tower Dispenser – the high performer

The Tower Dispenser is suitable for packaging larger quantities with the same types of trays. Thanks to its 12 loading towers, it can work autonomously at high speed for up to 30 minutes. It can easily handle both conventional tray types and the sustainable trays with flaps, even with complex die-cuts. Thanks to its compact base frame, the dispenser can be placed next to a stock line.

The Tower Dispenser is the most efficient tray dispenser for industrial use.


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Traymat 22 – the compact one

If you use exclusively standard trays, the Traymat 22 is the right choice. It is very compact in design, flexibly regarding the position and height-adjustable, suitable for line operation and can be set parallel to a stock line with tray conveyor or tray turning conveyor. Format changeover takes less than a minute thanks to the touch display.

Traymat 22 is the tray dispenser for standard trays made of groundwood, cardboard or polystyrene.


Download sheet Traymat 22


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